How much are your kitchens?

How much are your kitchens?


This is always a difficult question to answer. How big is your kitchen? How many appliances? What type of worktop? What style of kitchen door? (some cost more than others) On average, around £6,000.00. This price includes VAT but excludes installation, appliances or any preparation work that may be needed, such as ripping out the old kitchen, plastering walls, or electrical work. On top of this you have worksurfaces. Laminated, Quartz, Granite or composite. All have a vastly different cost.


Set a Budget Before You Start Looking


One of the most important things to do if you’re trying to save money on your kitchen is to set a budget before you even start looking. To give you an idea on cabinetry, you should budget around £6,000.00 for a reasonably large kitchen. On top of this you would need to budget around £4-5,000.00 for good mid-range appliances (extractor, hob, dishwasher, single oven, compact oven/microwave, frost free fridge freezer). Worktops can cost between £500.00 (Laminate worktop, supply only) and £5,000.00 (Good quality solid stone fitted).


Installation costs can vary, and it is impossible to give an accurate budget due to unseen works that may be needed. Frank Hadley Design has many trade customers that we can recommend, giving you an installation cost in your area.


Knowing how much you can afford will help you make rational choices. It also means that if you discover something expensive you just can’t live without, you can try and cut costs in other areas.

What’s the difference between Flat-pack and built to order kitchen units?

What’s the difference between Flat-pack and built to order kitchen units?


One of the many decisions to be made when choosing or designing your new kitchen is whether to have the furniture delivered to your door as a made to order rigid kitchen, or as a flat pack kitchen.

When visiting your chosen retailer, it’s worthwhile asking the question as to how your kitchen will be supplied as it’s not always evident from viewing the display alone.


Rigid made to order kitchens are assembled in the factory using 18mm Egger MFC (high-grade furniture board) utilising the ‘glue and dowel’ method where all the components are placed in position inside a very accurate jig. The assembler then presses the button and the components are gently squeezed together. It is then held in place for a few minutes whilst the glue starts to cure ensuring that each cabinet is perfectly square before being removed from the jig and onto the next part of the assembly process.

Naturally there is a cost for this process but when you consider that each cabinet comes completely assembled with all fittings such as Blum hinges, Blum drawers and internal Kesseböhmer storage systems already in place, eliminating any missing components, which in turn makes a simpler & cheaper job for the installer, then it may well be worth paying extra.