Bedrooms By Blossom Avenue

Bedrooms by Blossom Avenue

You can add so much more to your bedroom with the right furniture, creating the perfect place to sleep and dream. We deliver bedrooms that complement your space and help you relax, with over 36 colour and style combinations available.

Blossom Avenue is Beauty Achieved in your bedroom. It takes that perfect space that exists inside your mind, and helps you breathe life into it. Designed around what’s perfect for you, our experience will turn your dream room into a true story.

With Blossom Avenue, you have 11 collections to choose from, so we really do have something for every space and every budget.

We eat, sleep and breathe bedrooms, making each range look incredible through the perfect mix of quality, sustainable materials and cutting edge design.


All Frank Hadley Bedrooms are designed with an eye for detail. Supreme quality cabinetry complements the sleek lines and you can be sure to love your kitchen for many years to come.

Our Classic Collection is both timeless and timely. With charming details and classic lines, we’ll help you create a restful ambiance that’s sophisticated and inviting. Prepare to feel cosy.

Make a contemporary statement. This collection will help you create a fresh and stylish Bedroom space, creating a serene and clutter-free atmosphere.

Sloping Doors are suitable for use in loft conversions, to create an under stairs storage space or work area, or in any existing room with a sloping ceiling.

Sliding doors blend seamlessly into your room, saving precious space and creating a modern vibe. It’s time to set your room, and your imagination, free.