Made To Measure Bedrooms by Kindred

Creativity allows us to stretch our minds, do new and exciting things, and transcend traditional ideas to create new and meaningful ones.

The Made-to-Measure Collection has been designed to allow creativity within storage; tailoring it to the exact contours of your space. Whether your rooms are small and compact, ultra-modern and minimal or grand and full of character, the Made-to-Measure Collection allows for complete versatility within design and function.

The pure, linear design enables you to adapt to any spaces. Whether it's effortlessly simplistic, or sophisticated and full of character, with over 20 shades spanning lustrous high gloss, ultra-modern super-matt, shimmering metallic, woodgrain effect finishes and even the choice of door edging; the possibilities are endless.

Combining striking real timber veneers with heavily embossed textures, Alpina exudes an air of drama and luxury in any bedroom.

From the simplicity of Acomb or the versatility of Bolam, through to the elegance of Elsdon, the Stanhope collection showcases a selection of door designs and bedroom styles, to truly highlight the creativity and flexibility that Made-to-Measure solutions can offer.